Are you an INTJ? Same.

WELCOME to the INTJ gathering, or the Unicorn squad – which is a term we lovingly use for those of us who happen to be INTJ females. And yes, I am an INTJ female. (If you are an INTJ, you used deductive reasoning to discern that already. Consider it a test.) If you have accidentally fallen down the rabbit hole and you have found yourself here – Godspeed, dear person. For the rest of us, savor the daily nuances of our sordid lives and laugh as you apply your brand of  wit and sarcasm to the world.

WHAT is an INTJ? A personality type – and female INTJ’s are the rarest. They call us unicorns, and if you pay attention, we sometimes gravitate towards one another. Our greeting when we’re feeling frisky? The sign language gesture for unicorn (go ahead, look it up). When I see one, I give them “the fingers”.

Warning: we do not view the world the way the rest of you do – so beware. And for the record, we are NOT robots (all the time). We do have emotions (somewhere)– deep beautiful emotions – DEEEEEEEEP…but don’t expect any Hallmark Cards floating around in here. We keep things nice and tidy. This blog is for humorous reflection, INTJ contributions (if you have something, send it to me!) and a subtle nod to our plot to take over the world. See? I am utilizing the interwebs so we don’t have to get in one another’s spaces and be annoying. We can unite in the most introverted way possible. And dominate the world without having to “people” and make loathsome small talk. You’re welcome.

If you are NOT an INTJ but you know an INTJ – or worse – you LOVE an INTJ (God love my sweet husband for putting up with me – but I am worth it) – we accept questions. No promises on the likeability of the answers – but if we deem such inquiries worthy we shall respond accordingly. In our time. When we feel like it. Sans emotional baggage. Names will also be changed to protect the guilty. Unicorns unite. (And remember, what happens in the squad STAYS in the squad. – that was an introvert joke).

unicorn hell yeah


Sarah. Sarah does.

Sarah was that scrawny kid with buck teeth and red hair who never quite felt like she belonged. While she was comfortable in her own skin, she often felt like she could be from another era, or universe, or just special somehow. She was. Early on she figured out she had wicked good talents, and that she was not your average “silly” girl. Her dark humor and lack of typical emotional responses meant she had few friends – but quality always trumps quantity. Hiding out in Art Class and Drama Club, Sarah found her way into adulthood somehow and even found a man who puts up with- er, LOVES her. (See? They’re out there.)

A multi-potentialite, Sarah has had an omage of jobs and has tried everything she deems interesting – from bungee jumping and dog grooming to wedding photographer and just about anything in the arts world. An introvert, Sarah “spends” her energy when she has to “adult” or “people,” and recharges her soul’s battery in her nest at home with a cup of spiced chai and a good book. She hates small talk, is always awkward, loves individual people but hates large crowds of people, analyses everything, laughs at inappropriate things, is fiercely private, is protective of those whom she loves, is fiercely independent, creative and painfully practical, is a grammar Nazi, silently judges how funny you are, loves coffee and dark chocolate, is of Dutch/Irish descent, reads your body language and looks for behavioral patterns, is a bookworm, is amazed if you are an INTJ and you are still reading this…what is wrong with you?