INTJ Posts – Do They Describe Me? Vol. 1

I love to cruise Pinterest – a LOT – and have a LOT of boards. One is for INTJ stuff, of course. I love these posts. These memes. These tidbits of info shining small pools of light on the deep multi-faceted personality that is the INTJ female. We will judge the INTJ accuracy of these statements on a scale of Storm Trooper (terrible miss) to Annie Oakley. Here are some of my favorites:


Honey, I am sooo in the background that I am camouflaged and you have to squint to see me. I am a ninja. And I want to do what I do and leave me alone and let me do it. Do NOT force me to stand in front of everyone and take credit for something. I will cut you while you sleep. INTJ Accuracy level: Annie



Fibonacci Mother Truckers. Patterns are EVERYWHERE and they do not lie. Neither does body language. People showcase behavioral patterns and it is crazy that I seem to be the only one who examines the consistency of others’ behaviors. Recently we heard about someone we know doing something outlandish. When asked about it, I said, “That certainly isn’t consistent with her behavior over the past 5 years. I believe it is a rumor.” Annnnnnnnd I was right.  INTJ Accuracy level: Annie


From the keyboard to your eyes this is hands down the solemn truth. I answer the phone for my mom, my husband and my kids. Good luck everyone else. (But if you say it with a meme I will break my finger replying). INTJ Accuracy level: ANNIE ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY ANNIE


Mmm, something about this irks me. It’s not a phase Mom. It is a deliberate decision to stretch my wings and try something I want to learn and see if I can master it in a ridiculous amount of time and once I have mastered it I move on to the next thing because I already did that other thing. Ha. Phase. And obsession sounds harsh. Hobby, though…Hobby is a lovely word. I have mastered / tried LOTS of hobbies. I have tried/mastered leather work, oil painting, horseback riding, being a barista, some jewelry making, writing and getting published, photography (winning awards and being published), cooking macarons (that was my most recent “hobby” – took me three tries before I finally got those little pieces of mouth joy right), giant props (don’t ask – theater major), cosplay (still a hobby), cooking, driving a 5 speed…I digress. I even tried working out and getting fit. I keep the hobbies I love the most. The others I donate to the emotional thrift store of my soul. Accuracy level: probably Annie Oakley.


If I had a DOLLAR for EVERY time I have said the phrase, “Did you hear what you just said?” I would have somewhere close to $300. I do not use the phrase “I don’t care” much. I do say, “You’re not making any sense” and sometimes there really is no point. That last one gets me. I also say, “Can you afford to be wrong?” and “Are you done?” a lot – maybe too much. I also say, “No.” It is my favorite sentence. INTJ Accuracy level: Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western.




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