INTJ: Welcome To Your Super Power

So you just found out you are an INTJ. Isn’t it wonderful? To finally know the truth about what your gut instincts and your intuition have been telling you all along? It is true; you are above mere mortals. Perhaps you knew you were different but couldn’t put a pin on why (which is extremely frustrating for an INTJ). Being an INTJ (and especially an INTJ FEMALE) is like having a super power. No, it IS a super power. Here are some reasons why.


As an INTJ your analytical powers rank you among the Jedi. When intuition and intelligence merge into one being, great things happen. An INTJ can observe and assess a situation / event / relationship and then process that knowledge into 100 different paths of outcome, divide those future possibilities by their realism, add potential patterns, multiply the predictable responses to each scenario and come up with a mental picture of what the future should look like. Did I mention that an INTJ does all of this in a few seconds while simultaneously making a mental grocery list? No flow charts necessary.

An INTJ is a decisive person with a vivid imagination who values realistic and rational outcomes. The super power? You can pretty much predict the future – or futures – and 99% of the time you will be right. (However, we hate the phrase “I told you so” because too often an INTJ sees an outcome that is irrational or negative and does not WANT to be right.) This is why it is difficult to shock or surprise an INTJ (besides, we hate surprises). Companies pay huge sums of money to individuals who can predict future trends. If only we cared about such trivial things as trends.


I mentioned observation earlier and allow me to elaborate. In a normal conversation an INTJ will listen to what you are saying. They will also watch your body language while you say what you are saying, listen to the intonation of your voice, listen to what you are NOT saying and plug your words into the context of the situation at hand. An INTJ will also apply skepticism (it is inherent – no offense), seek potential motive and “digest” all of this information at once. Sometimes it is difficult not to interrupt a person’s soliloquy  with the phrase, “What do you want?” And the observational powers go even deeper than that.

It is impossible to manipulate an INTJ. We smell motives. While most people are deeply scarred by insults and criticism and unfairness and prejudice, we are plain irritated by it. It angers us. INTJ’s are immune to emotional manipulation and will avoid it  (this is why we avoid salespeople)! We do not judge others based on their race, their creed, their religion, or their sexuality. We understand that no one asked to be born and that we have no control over how we came into this world. We also understand that emotional tactics such as guilt trips, insults, back stabbing and manipulation are all too common in society. We know the difference between confidence and arrogance. We know when someone is being honest and sincere as opposed to when they are full of BS.

Within a few minutes of being in a conversation with someone (or seconds if you are an empath like me) you will instinctively know with your INTJ super powers whether or not a person is self-centered, has a selfish motive, is greedy, is lying, is trying to manipulate you or is a negative / toxic person. This is an extremely handy super power that saves an INTJ from becoming entangled with negative and damaging people. While we still learn lessons through experiences, we spend a lot less time mucking through toxic relationships. Our “spider senses” save the day!


Every INTJ I know (and that is not many) is picky about what they do. If an INTJ does choose to do / create / invest in something, that means they have already analyzed the outcomes and have decided that a job is worth their time and energy. Even better – if they commit to a project or job that means they are passionate about it. An INTJ hates waste and loves quality and efficiency. We keep our standards high. We push ourselves to meet our own standards and expect others to do so as well. If an INTJ signs up for a task – you can believe they will execute that task by giving 110% and will do so without a trace of ego. In fact, an INTJ will prefer to work behind the scenes and take great satisfaction in a job well done.An INTJ is a workhorse and will even push themselves hard to get everything done to perfection.

An INTJ is not a primadonna. We already know we are awesome. We are well aware of our capabilities. We know we will nail the task and work hard to make it the best it can be. An INTJ can see the big picture and can work well with others but works best when left alone. An INTJ can “steer the ship” when they have to, but hates to steer the ship and would rather allow someone else to be the figurehead.  We can also keep people at arm’s length and be professional without getting attached or involved with anyone. The confidence carried within an INTJ is the sort of confidence every person should have. Believe in yourself. Know who you are and of what you are capable. Isn’t this the goal for everyone? An INTJ may have a few insecurities – but you will not see them. INTJ’s are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

Another aspect of this super power is that INTJ’s can do many different things and they are often great at those things. Hobbies, jobs, experiences – an INTJ learns quickly and can master many trades and skills in a short amount of time. Such individuals are called “multipotentialites” and companies have recently discovered that these types of people make the best employees. Combine a strong work ethic with a constant desire to learn new things and you get a powerhouse. INTJ’s also love research, which means they do not show up unaware. An INTJ does their homework and knows ahead of time what is expected of them. The best INTJ ability? INTJ’s are the best when it comes to the phrase “Fake it til you make it.” We will fake it until we do make it, and you won’t know the difference.


I was an adult before I knew this had a name. The INTJ Death Stare, or “The STARE” is a real thing and it is intimidating. Remember that “look” your mother gave you when you were a kid and you were acting up in public? Multiply that look by ten. As an INTJ I can tell you that the STARE just happens. It is instinctive. An INTJ does not muster or conjure the STARE. When something ridiculous or irrational happens – the kind of stupidity an INTJ simply cannot wrap their head around – the STARE comes out. In fact, an INTJ is prone to having their thought life showcased in their facial expressions. It is, after all, as reactionary as we get. Eye rolls are for beginners. Add some furrowed brows, one raised eyebrow and a Mona Lisa smirk to that list and you have some outlandish INTJ emotional responses going on!

The mother of the INTJ arsenal is definitely the STARE. If I had to describe the STARE, I would say it is a sinister scowl combined with the presence felt when Lord Vader enters the room, coupled by the soul-burning sensation of  the Eyes of Truth boring into your soul. Add a dash of shock – the kind of shock one might experience after being shot – and top it off with the kind of longevity and duration that makes a staring contest seem like child’s play. The recipient of the STARE is either emotionally scorched and has nowhere to hide, or in disappointing cases, is oblivious to the impending death and cannot understand what is happening. This leads me to the Door Slam Effect.

Like the INTJ Death STARE, INTJ’s are known to handle bad situations and especially toxic relationships with what is called the Door Slam Effect. When we are done, we are PAST done and all that tolerance is gone. Forever. INTJ’s can be extremely tolerant and respectful, but the line they draw in the proverbial sand is deep, clear, highlighted, has signs around it and has a map leading to it! Cross that line and you are dead. Dead to the INTJ. An INTJ, when “finished” with someone, will simply cut them out of their life. Poof. Gone. And there is no remorse on behalf of the INTJ. In fact, they will feel like they have made the best decision. It will be a relief to them. As a practice, an INTJ will start pulling away from a person or a toxic situation. This process can be so subtle others may not recognize what is happening. By the time the INTJ has vanished, it is past time to reconcile. No drama. No fights. No accusations or displays of anger. Poof. Done. By the way, the Death STARE usually comes right before the Door Slam.


An INTJ woman is oh so special. This woman does not need anyone. If she has someone in her life, it is because she wants them in her life. This woman is strong, intelligent, confident (not arrogant), rational (not cold), quiet (not aloof), reserved and tactful (not a reactionary prone to loud outbursts), decisive (not wishy washy), practical (not high maintenance), and beautiful on the inside and the outside. Every woman should want to be this woman. (Too biased? Sorry not sorry.)

INTJ women do not doubt themselves. They know who they are and have had a sense of self-awareness since childhood. These women function with the concept of free will and have complete confidence in making the decisions that affect their everyday life. Using the scales of morality, an INTJ woman can easily weigh decisions and process her environment and how she survives / adapts to that environment. An INTJ woman is never the victim. (She may, however, leave victims in her wake!) An INTJ woman also has a wicked sense of humor and an elegance that slays (think Morticia Adams). Sarcasm and wit will always win and make for incredible coping mechanisms.

An INTJ woman is ethical and treats others with the respect every human being deserves while she silently ascertains their position through her judgements. An INTJ woman does not need a group or squad; she functions freely on her own and enjoys her solitude. When she chooses to spend time with others it means she greatly values those individuals and can be fiercely loyal in her friendships. An INTJ woman is protective of those she loves and can make an amazing Mama Bear. An INTJ wife does not need constant attention and can use her intuition to know her lover’s wants and needs.

The INTJ woman is immune to trends and social pressures, and yet she is radiant and outshines those who work to meet social standards. If there is a secret to be kept, tell it to an INTJ woman! She understands privacy and her active use of discretion and her respect for the delicacy of another person’s soul makes her the best vault for sensitive information. Most women can hold on to a grudge for years. An INTJ woman can hold on to a secret.

If you are an INTJ woman – THIS…THIS IS YOUR GREATEST SUPER POWER. You are a unicorn among horses and in this world you have the ability to set new standards and be the kind of example others follow. People will always be drawn to you but many of them won’t know why. People will either adore you or loathe you – and those who dislike you will only know that there is something about you that makes them uncomfortable. If you are an INTJ woman then you are AMAZING. Do not ever allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

And if they do, just use the STARE.





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